Founded in July 2010, the AP Brokerage (Professional Association of Intermediaries in Credits) brings together the companies CF Personal Loan, EC Finance and ABB Brokerage, which are major players in the economic sector in France and hold 1/3 of the shares of the market.

Simulation, Quote and Comparison of Credit Insurance

Credit Brokerage

Credit Brokerage

Accredited credit intermediation specialist, AP Brokerage works for the safety of consumers of financial products and aims to accompany legislative and regulatory changes in the management of the credit intermediary business.

With the aim of gaining access to the title of “representative body of credit intermediaries operating in France” at both national and international levels, AP Brokerage delivers comprehensive information on the real estate broker’s business and aims to guarantee consumers the banking sector and the insurance of quality services.

AP Brokerage wishes to offer consumers a “multi-product range” (assisted loans, loan guarantees, loan consolidation, complementary insurance, etc.) by offering them a quality service. The association represents today in France more than 50% of the brokerage activity in credits.


A better structured profession

The real estate brokerage profession is evolving. Made up of brokerage leaders such as CF Personal Loan, MX Audit, EJ Brokers and AB COURTAGE, AP Brokerage makes every effort to better supervise this business and provide the consumer with the guarantee of quality service.


A necessary evolution for the profession of mortgage broker


AP Brokerage aims to become the reference point of reference for public authorities and European authorities. It is developing various actions aimed at establishing a sound regulatory framework for the brokerage profession, which guarantees the safety of the consumer. The association boasts values ​​of advice, professionalism, transparency and independence. In the quest for the unwavering recognition of bankers and consumers for its quality of service and its experience, AP Brokerage is now a key player in mortgage brokerage and wants to improve the brokerage business as a whole in France.

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